Turnkey machine Vision Solutions

At your service, our many years of experience in building customised machine vision systems
Service Description

IOIMACHINES Vision engineers have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, implementing, testing and validating machine vision solutions.

  • Starting at your production site, we evaluate possibility to build in-line machine vision inspection station
  • Produce a specification document describing desired performance parameters and system components
  • Build the system at our production facilities and perform tests to identify any issues and correct them prior to shipment.
  • Install the system at your site and perform a site acceptance test to ensure that it works optimally in the production environment
Inhouse competencies

Our competency area covers

  • Machine and computer vision algorithms
  • Design and implenentation of vision algorithms in FPGAs and SoC (system on Chip)
  • 2D industrial cameras
  • 3D sensors for 3D measurements of defect size
  • Lighting technologies and schemes
  • Design and implementation of automation systems including PLCs, robotics and conveyor belts
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Electronic and mechanical system design